Hernder Estate Wines

Hernder Estate Wines
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1607 Eighth Avenue Louth ,
St. Catharines , L2R 6P7

Daily 10am - 5pm

Tour Hours:

Sat-Sun 1:30pm & 3:30pm
Weekdays by appointment

Drive down the country lane that leads visitors through a unique covered bridge to a restored 1867 Victorian barn. The often photographed barn and hospitality area is a magnet for all kinds of events including weddings and corporate functions. This vast picturesque property on which Hernder Estates sits is so breathtaking that it has caught the eye of many couples tying the knot. Last year over 100 weddings, along with countless corporate events, were held. There are daily tastings and intimate winemaker's dinners that showcase a wide range of whites, reds and fruit wines. The grounds are able to accommodate up to 400 guests. Bus tours are welcome! Take a tour through the vineyard, production, barrel cellar and bottling line, finish with a wine tasting. It is a great look at the inner workings of a winery.

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