Lighthall Vineyards

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(613) 767- 9155
308 Lighthall Road,
Milford, KOK 2P0

7 days/week

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Since first opening its doors in 2008, Lighthall Vineyards has been dedicated to showcasing the natural flavor and potential of the fruit grown in Prince Edward County. Farmed on over 60 acres, our vines are meticulously cared for by hand by our dedicated team who work with the unique landscape, high minerality, and cool climate of the county. Every bottle of wine reflects thousands of hours’ worth of hard work and passion that makes our wines delicious, flavorful, and distinctly of Prince Edward County. Lighthall Vineyards is also proud to be one of the very few wineries in all of Canada to produce its own sheep’s milk cheese on site. The milk is sourced from a single herd of well-cared for ewes. Like the wine, the cheeses are encouraged to reflect the natural terroir of the farm, the happy temperament of the herd, and the growing season in the flavours and textures.

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