Adamo Estate Winery

Adamo Estate Winery Map
793366 3rd Line,
Mono, L9W 5X7

Hockley Valley may not seem like an obvious location to establish a winery, and that’s what makes it an ideal spot for Mario Adamo. Visionary, risk-taker and pioneer. True to his vision, Adamo Estate Winery has already produced wine for 2 successful seasons.

Mario Adamo was born in Calabria, Italy, coming to Canada when he was 18 years old, and his career led him to where his passion for food could shine. In 1972, Mario and his wife Nancy started a thriving catering business; highly successful as a result of their reputation for high standards in both hospitality and tradition.

In 1985, Mario and Nancy discovered a 28-room inn on a parcel of land north of the city of Toronto, in Orangeville, ON. To them, this was an opportunity to move their business and life to a location that really felt like home, and so Hockley Valley Resort was born. The resort’s reputation grew, as did its amenities, evolving into the 104 room, full-service destination it is today.

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